#Refer2404 For Arizona

Now seeking Volunteers

Volunteer information.Please read carefully.

Thank you for volunteering!

As you petition to repeal HB2404 and save the referendum process in Arizona, please keep the following instructions in mind.

After familiarizing yourself with the volunteer instructions, please use the link below to download our volunteer onboarding package, which includes further instructions, printable materials, and information on our collection point procedure.

A Collection Point is a regular point of contact where Citizen Circulators can drop off completed petitions to a notary, and pick up blank petitions and other supplies on a weekly or biweekly basis. Click here to find a Collection Point convenient to you.

If you have access to a printer and legal size paper, you can print your own petitions and begin circulating immediately. Please click here to be taken to an Acknowledgement page with some important instructions to read before you download.

The closer we get to our August 8 deadline, the more pressing and urgent our needs will become. If you need immediate assistance with something that can’t wait for a Collection Point, you can reach our Logistics team by email at ryan@refer2404.org.

How to print the petition sheets

  • The petition is all 8 digital pages, 4 pages printed
  • All pages of the petition must be printed on 8.5” x 14” legal paper
  • Print only in grayscale (black-and-white) and print double sided
  • Print the document in portrait orientation (8.5“ wide, 14” tall), the signature sheet will be vertical
  • Have it "flip" along the “long edge”
  • Collate the printing if you are printing multiple copies
  • Staple the top left corner with the signature page facing up in landscape orientation (8.5” tall, 14” wide) each set of 4 sheets
  • The top sheet of each copy is the signature page.

You can read more about how to properly print the petitions or supporting materials on page 1 of the instructions included in the download.

It is extremely important to know that

  1. Canvassing for signatures can only be done by eligible or registered voters of Arizona
    Arizona defines eligible voters as being at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the state and a non-felon
  2. Only registered voters of Arizona can sign the petition
    They must be registered
  3. They must sign a petition with their county in the attestation
    See page 2 of the instructions
  4. Non-eligible voters can still gather emails and hand out campaign literature
    We always love an extra hand at our gathering events
  5. We strongly recommend reading the instructions to know how to canvas and protect yourself

Recruitment of volunteers is just as important at this time. If someone expresses interest, have them email volunteer@refer2404.org.

frequently asked questions

What is #Refer2404 ?

In order to refer HB2404 to the ballot in 2018, we must gather about 75,000 valid signatures on our petition. #Refer2404 is our campaign to achieve that goal.

Who is Grassroots Citizens Concerned ?

We are a non partisan coalition of ordinary people across the state who believe that politicians in Arizona have gone too far. Right now we are focused on the #Refer2404 effort to hold them accountable.

How can I help ?

This campaign is not going to win itself, and the people with the money are not going to pay for it either. We have to do it ourselves! Donate for supplies if you can, and let us know if you can volunteer to circulate at one or more upcoming events. You can also visit one of our collection points during regularly scheduled times to pick up blank and drop off completed petitions.

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